The LEAF Technical Assistance Program aims to support small businesses and micro-entrepreneurship in Boston


Our Beginning

LEAF has provided technical assistance support to small businesses and cooperatives in Greater Boston since its inception in 1982, but it has recently sought to expand and standardize these efforts.

In 2015, LEAF began working with local partners Commonwealth Kitchen, Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative, and Project Hope to provide support services for local low-income food businesses in Dorchester, under funding from the Massachusetts Urban Agenda program. In this program, LEAF has worked with incubated small businesses in the food industry, who use the shared kitchen space at Commonwealth Kitchen.

To expand this program in 2016, LEAF has worked with the Small Business Administration to receive a PRIME Grant, which will support the expansion of this TA service to the Greater Boston Area, in addition to further work in Springfield.

“Entrepreneurs are the engines of growth and must be valued.”

— Tom butler-bowdon


Entrepreneurship is a path to economic security for founders. It also presents opportunities for those who are not entrepreneurs to climb the economic ladder and achieve economic stability through the jobs entrepreneurs create. No matter what term is used, the act of setting out, working for one's self and creating something new and valuable is key to growth, both for individuals and the economy. In 2014 most Boston neighborhoods, businesses received 23% fewer loans per business than would be expected on average. Mattapan received 45% less than average while South Boston received 46% more than average.

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Our Mission

is to promote human and economic development by providing financing and development assistance to cooperatives and social purpose ventures that create and save jobs for low-income people.


The 39 Businesses that we've worked with in the last year are: 








The L-TAP program provides 1-on-1 business coaching focused primarily on access to capital and development of financial controls.  

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